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After hearing so much positive feedback about a Summer 'Twilight' ride series for Moms and other ladies at the barn we have scheduled the first one!!

Friday June 18th at 7:00 PM, we will have a group lesson taught by me
(Lindsay) and Nicole followed by wine & cheese on the back porch of John & Judy's. The cost will be $35 per rider and we will provide the food and vino.

No rider experience required, this is supposed to be fun!! We will have helmet, all you need are boots and jeans. Please contact me (Lindsay) or Nicole or sign up at the barn so we know how many to expect. We are really excited about this new service!!

Any questions, please ask. This is open to all recipients of the newsletter e-mail group, not just Mothers of existing students or our lady boarders.

My phone is 918-808-4313 (Lindsay) and Nicole's is 918-346-7757. (both

We're going to try something we haven't done before. We're going to have two shows at once!

We already have a Dressage Clinic scheduled at the Farm for Saturday and Sunday, May 8th & 9th. Our attempts to find a date for the reschedule of the canceled March 27th show have hit roadblocks at every turn. We called the organizer of the 8th & 9th clinic, Cindy Ramsey, to see if they thought it would be possible to have the HJEO show on Saturday the 8th, along with the Clinic, and she didn't think it would be a problem.

So, We will attempt to park everyone in the paddock behind the house, but if we have overflow, we can open up other paddocks

The short and long stirrup arena should be ready by that time and we will place panels across it to create a small warm up area between it and the dressage court/arena area. The dressage riders can use the indoor as a warm up area.

The main arena will be used for the bigger part of the show and we will use the area where the new jumping arena is to be built as a warm up area for that portion of the show.

For Sunday's dressage clinic the short and long stirrup arena will be the warm up area for the clinic.

For Saturday, Robyn's Hardens Hamburgers will be providing concessions for the morning early and lunch at noon. We're not sure we'll need concessions for Sunday, so will announce plans for that later

By the way, we're currently installing the sand on the new dressage court. A quick first look by Diana DuPont and Nicole Wilkinson have given it the thumbs up. It's about half done, but rains this morning will set us back a day or two. And, we've already committed to buying arena fencing and lettered flower boxes. It's going to look really nice!!

John D.