Boarding Agreement Here(for download)
Release and Hold(for download)

- Stalls with runs -$450.00
- Paddocks with hay and weather shelters -$375.00 (effective Jan 1, 2016)
- Temporary boarding can be done only in stalls or paddocks on a space available basis provided the client has a current negative coggins on file with the Farm.
- In transit Overnight Boarding: Overnight boarding for transport companies or individuals is available at $25 per horse, per night. Please call for reservations 918-633-5029 or 918-352-1767.

Any partial months are billed at the daily rate of $15.00 for stalls; $12.50 for paddocks.

Unmanageable or incompatible horses, which create problems for the Farm, its workers or other ciients or their horses, or destroys Farm property may be asked to leave.

Owners are financially responsible for any damage to the facility by their animals

Stable Standards
Feed - The Farm uses Heritage Professional or Heritage Senior as it’s the best all around feed we’ve used and is readily available in most parts of the country for those who travel with their horses. Should a horse owner desire extra feed a special feed, hay or supplement be used they may provide same to the Farm at their cost but without a reduction in fee due to the difficulty of managing separate feeds. If the client requires their horse be fed in excess of the barn standard of 6 lbs per day an extra charge will be added in proportion to the extra amount of feed used.

Hay – The Farm uses Bermuda hay in small squares for the main barn and round bales for the paddocks and pasture boarders. Care is taken to insure the hay used is of the highest quality possible.

Shavings – The stalls in the barn are bedded with wood shavings. While the stalls are bedded for ease of cleaning and health reasons, some owners desire a deeper bedding that we provide. There may be an extra charge for that service.

Payments - Upon a horse’s arrival at Prairie Lane Farm, payment is due for the remainder of the current month, and, if after the fifteenth of the month, for the following month as well. All boarding charges are billed in advance. All services are billed in arrears. Bills are calculated through the last day of the month, e-mailed to the owners on or about the 1st of the month and due to the Farm by the 15th of the month.

Payments reaching the Farm after the 15th may be assessed a late payment penalty of 1.5% of the unpaid balance on the following month’s invoice.
Payment can be made by cash or check only. We do not have the ability to process credit or debit cards. All checks for any service at the Farm are to be made payable to Prairie Lane Farm and not to any trainer or third party. Any bank charges to the Farm for a customer’s check being processed a second time will be charged to the client in addition to a $25 fee for insufficient funds checks returned to the Farm.

Prairie Lane Farm
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