Barn Rules

Anyone signing a Boarding Agreement or Release of Liability Agreement with Prairie Lane Farm agrees to abide by these rules :

Horses may be unloaded or left at Prairie Lane Farm (The Farm) only if a signed Boarding Agreement, Release of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement, a current negative Coggins test, and current shot and worming records are provided to The Farm. If the horse’s owner is a minor, a parent responsible for payment of charges must sign these agreements. An approved worming program (Quest or other Farm approved type) must be completed at least three days prior to arrival.

Any person riding a horse (their own or anyone else’s), at The Farm, must have a signed Release of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement on file. If the rider is a minor, a parent or legal guardian must sign this agreement.

Anyone riding a horse at The Farm must wear a riding helmet and approved footwear at all times. No sneakers or low top shoes, which could get caught in a stirrup, will be allowed. Adults (18 or older) who choose to ride with a western saddle may be exempted from this requirement.

While in the barn, all horses must be secured, either on cross ties, tied to a stall or cross tie post, or within a stall. Horses may not be left standing alone, untied, in the aisle.

Owners/riders must promptly clean up messes, including manure, hoof cleaning residue, hair clippings, whether in the aisle or in a stall.

Owners/riders are responsible for cleaning and putting away their tack and equipment and helping to keep the tack room clean and orderly.

All feeding is to be done by Judy Dix or barn personnel under Judy’s supervision. Extra rations (other than carrots, apples or other treats, fed to one’s own horse) may not be fed without Judy’s knowledge.

Horses, other than one’s own, may not be used, without the owner’s express permission. Permission must be provided to The Farm in writing.

Jumping of horses, whether in the arena or on the cross country course, may only be done with an adult instructor present.

Owners/riders must accompany horses to and from shows to attend to unloading and care of horses personally, at either

While lessons are being conducted, non-lesson riding must be done in areas, which will not affect those lessons.

All horses must be dismounted prior to entering the barn.

• Dogs are not allowed on the property.

For information contact:

Prairie Lane Farm
12221 N. 97th E. Ave.
Collinsville, Oklahoma 74021