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One of my sons gave me a game camera for Christmas last year. Not believing we had any deer left, or anything else to take pictures of, since a doe was killed on the road in front of our property, I wasn't really motivated to set it up. But, I kept seeing signs of wildlife activity and our farm hand, Welo, said he had seen a doe with two fawns behind his house, which is on our property.

Seeing a few tracks behind our pond dam, we finally set up the camera, not expecting to see anything but, maybe, this doe. Boy, were we surprised when the very first picture was 'Big Boy'.

Since then, we have moved the game camera almost weekly and are delighted with the results. As it is not a 'night only' camera, may of the images taken were of some of our clients who trail ride on the property; Jim and Amber Reed and Jerry Vincent, in particular.

I think Jim and Amber have created their own game of "Find the Camera" as they wave each time they pass it now. I've previously been deleting those pictures, but, on second thought, will now publish those, as well.

We hope you enjoy the images and narrations and admonish any who see them that Hunting is not allowed on our property!!

One of at least two coyotes residing on the property we've named Desi & Lucy. Sometimes, they come out and watch for field mice & voles whenever I'm mowing hay

The same coyote again, or is it? A later picture will make one wonder if they knew they were being filmed.

The other $.50 cent buck

This buck has been seen several times.
He is either a 6 or 8 point.

Repeat performer

A young buck,not sure how many points
as he was moving fairly quickly

One of two $.50 cent bucks. This one's half rack is on the left, the other is on the right. Could he have messed with the big boy?

This was the first picture we ever took with the game camera.Imagine our surprise! We haven't seen this big
boy since. We had deer before, but after one doe was
hit on the road in front of the property, we thought
we were deerless. We had no idea of the number of deer
which have re-inhabited the property.

We moved the camera to a new location and were rewarded with this daytime picture of a doe and her fawn. We believe this doe has twins, as they have been seen, but only one was caught with this picture.

My son decided to bait this camera location with a
mineral block and some liquid he called 'deer crack'.
He claimed bucks would act like a cat around catnip,
so I let him try it. This is the first picture we got
that night: Desi giving us his thoughts about our attempts
to capture images! How we laughed.

At the top of the weeds sticking up you can just see the
buck's silhouette with his head and rack down.
We think this is the nice buck seen previously,
not the big boy, though.
These next three pictures were all taken within one minute on the morning of November 8th, just before daylight.

Raccoon passing by

Jim Reed out for a ride. Not sure where Amber is?

Desi or Lucy
These three does' picture was taken February 20th, 2016 just behind the pond
Although we hadn't seen them for a while, we had several pictures of the coyotes on the game cameras including this one taken Monday night (last
night) about 11:00 PM