Prairie Lane Farm is owned and operated by Prairie Lane Farm, L.L.C. John and Judy Dix are the principals of Prairie Lane Farm, L.L.C. and co-owners of the Farm.

Prairie Lane’s mission statement, which is attached to the price list, and available upon request, states:

“It is the mission of Prairie Lane Farm to provide the finest care, for the horses, their owners, and students who have made Prairie Lane Farm their equine home of choice.”

Everything done at Prairie Lane Farm is in support of this mission, and to enhance the public perception that this goal is achieved.

The property upon which the farm is located is the former Pavey Dairy Farm and was purchased by the Dixes in 1996. Ironically, John Dix was born (literally) and raised on a dairy farm in Daviess County, Missouri, near the Iowa border. It was that farm, then known as Prairie Lane Farm, which gives today’s farm it’s name.

The Dixes lived in Owasso from 1978 to 1985, when they moved to St. Louis as a result of John’s work with the QuikTrip Corporation. While in St. Louis, Judy became involved with Morgan Horses through the purchase of a Morgan mare, Misty Bay, and an associate with Renee Paige of Silver Maple Stables in St. Charles County.

When the Dixes moved back to the Tulsa area in 1993, Judy boarded Misty and her foal, Kyra, at a number of facilities in the Owasso area. The boarding experience was not a pleasant one and land soon became a necessity as well as a desire.

The cost of improvements, as well as the promise of several friends to patronize the new farm, convinced the Dixes to design a facility that could be used as a boarding facility. But, in the event no one came to board, would be small enough to only be used for personal use.

The farm opened for boarding in April 1999, and for a while only had one boarder. The Dixes wondered if they had made a mistake and joked about having flea markets in the aisle.

In July 1999, they made up brochures and posted them on bulletin boards in several of the tack shops in the area. Susan Beddoe saw the brochure, came to visit and brought her husband Ray, and later, Rachael Dillon (now Polson), their daughter’s instructor.

The families of several of Rachael’s students came by over the next few days, and before long, the Dixes were adding paddocks, shelters and wondering if they were going to have enough hay to last the winter.

Then, almost three years later, and having survived the worst winter in Oklahoma in decades, the Dixes were looking forward to expanding the farm to handle the increasing demand for their services. They decided to double the size of the barn and add an indoor arena.


Currently, Prairie Lane has twenty-one stalls in the barn and another four in the maintenance barn. They have fourteen paddocks with shelters. They try to limit the paddocks to two horses each.

Prairie Lane’s lighted outdoor arena is 120’ x 230’ with a sand footing, which recovers very quickly after rains. No matter how much rain, this arena can be ready for use in about 36 hours or less, depending on temperature and wind conditions.

The indoor arena is 60’ x 140’ with the north and west sides enclosed. A covered spectator area allows visibility to both the indoor and the lighted outdoor arenas.

The front dressage area is 144’ x 250’ with a regulation 20 x 60 meter court of sand over compacted stone screenings. While not covered, this arena drains extremely well and will recover for use from rain in around 24 hours. A covered spectator area allows lessons and shows to be observed in relative comfort, rain or shine.

In 2010 a 112 x 196 'short & long stirrup' jumping arena was added which can also be used as a full dressage court practice area, bringing the Farm's number of formal lesson and practice venues to four in addition to the Farm's bridle trails.

Prairie Lane Farm consists just over one hundred thirty seven acres available for trail riding, around the perimeter of which there is a bridle path kept mowed at all times.

For boarders, there is a 10 acre stocked pond and recreation area with a shelter house available for picnics, campouts, and fishing (bass, crappie, and hybrid bluegill).

John and Judy Dix, along with the Prairie Lane Farm staff would like to thank you for visiting and encourage you to stay in touch through our website, where the monthly newsletter is posted around the first of every month.

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