Attached is the prize list for the PLF Fun Show to be held October 22 starting at 9 AM. Students participating should be at the Farm by 7:30 AM to prepare.

This show is open to all beginner and intermediate PLF students for the purpose of familiarizing our students with the show atmosphere (albeit on a much smaller scale) so the shock and intensity of a sanctioned show will not be so stressful, should they decide to proceed with their training to that level of participation.

This show will be judged by Tom Pickard of Equi-Venture Tack, a qualified show judge and instructor, who will provide feedback to the students at the end of each class.

This is a great educational tool for those students who may be apprehensive about how to prepare for and participate in shows, both here at the farm and those that the Farm supports away from home.

There are 8 classes (a normal show may have 25 to 40 classes) so it won't be a long show. Depending on level of participation we should be done by Noon or 1PM. Normal shows, depending on the number of judges can last all day.

Cost of the show is $10 per class (normally $25) and the schooling fee for the day is $35 (normally schooling is done the night before and the day of the show $70)

We hope everyone will participate in this excellent method of show preparation. If this is successful, we will schedule several of these Fun Shows during the year to help our kids prepare for 2012's show season, which will begin next February/March.